Monday, December 10, 2012

Long Time, No Post!

Sorry its been a while to post anything..Life's just been a bit crazy. Also not made anytime to really blog which is no big deal :D Anyway my life the last week has been an assortment of turning 19 (last Tuesday on the 4th), baking bread with a friend, riding on Saturday, showing a friend a bit more about their camera, being with my mom's family for a Christmas gathering on Sunday and back to work Monday :D I did work last week too but it feels all run together. Ok that made no sense but anyway :) I haven't gotten much riding in the last week due to it being SO COLD, looking for a job (yes, again), and an assortment of other reasons. Really hoping to ride more this week. Not sure if I will today anymore because it has been raining on and off since Saturday evening and been so foggy and not sure I just trust to ride in the fog. Hoping it clears off tomorrow. Planning to go and hang out with the horses this evening and maybe just take some indoor barn pictures and play with some ideas ;) For now here is a picture that I forgot to post last time! This is one of my favorites ever I think that I took of horses in general. Now of course I have favorites of my horses which this picture has Magic in it :D

Saturday: I did ride and I hopped on Daisy bareback with the hackamore. We didn't go far (just rode for half an hour) but it sure felt good just to ride and hang out with Daisy in that way. Also had been listening to a telecast or something or other like that by Jane Savoie and found it very informative and got some stuff out that I tried and it worked (of course). Then when we got back, the blankets came on and then it was off to Christmas caroling with the youth. :)

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