Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday and Sunday!

Friday I didn't ride or work with the horses :)

Saturday: I went up to the horses this morning around 7:30. Cleaned out the stalls and put Prince out in the meadow and fed everyone. Got home around 8:45 and went out for coffee and some breakfast for a friend. We chatted for 3 hours till I had to be home to meet Alyson to get sawdust. Her husband ended up getting it and while I waited I decided to work with Jess.
First I lunged her in the roundpen at liberty. She did very well. I hoped since I had shown her that I want her to turn towards me when changing directions when I lunged her with the rope on Thursday she might do it some today. When going clockwise and I asked her to turn she turned and changed directions facing me. Then going counterclock she didn't. I worked her for a bit more and at the very end she went either way and faced me. I was so pleased with that. I put her out again and looked at the time. I thought, hmm, bet I could lay her down yet. I did and she did absolutely perfect!

taken with my phone so not a good quality (Jess)
After I laid her down I was going to head out to play a bit with my horses. Met Anthony on the way out and asked him if I could work with laying Magic down. He said sure so that is what I did next. He did really good too. He laid totally flat and was like I am dying. Hehe. I laid him down again and he did great and didn't lay out flat. Soon after that Alyson arrived. Chatted with her for a bit and then went out and brought Prince in after we put shavings in his stall. Brought Daisy in as well. Called my mom and told her she could bring Rachel up if she wanted and Rachel could ride Daisy. Groomed Daisy, and saddled her up with the stirrups and added little stirrups for Rachel. Once they got there I showed Rachel how to guide Daisy and she rode her around the areana for a bit. It went well and Daisy behaved herself. I was quite pleased with how it went.
Rachel riding Daisy
Rachel rode Daisy into the barn, after which, mom and her left. I unsaddled Daisy and Alyson asked me about laying Jess down. I took Daisy out in the yard and showed her how it is done. Then we laid Jess down. After that Alyson did it on her own. Jess did quite well. After watching Alyson lay Jess down again, I put Daisy away and fed everyone their hay. It was a full day but a great day with the horses.

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  1. Cool! I really like the pics, they aren't bad at all. You have smart horses, that's for sure! :)