Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

Sunday: Rose Mary and I went riding. She rode Magic and I rode Curly. We rode for about 40 minutes or so. I would have ridden Daisy but Curly needed ridden and what I want to work Daisy with next is some fine tuning work in the arena. So I didn't ride her. Hoping that if it isn't raining to much this week that I can get more groundwork in with Jess as well as riding on Daisy and maybe Curly too. We shall see!

Monday: I worked with Jess on laying down again. Since we laid her down a lot on Saturday she fought a big with it this time but she did lay down nicely for me in the end. I had gotten off work late, so no riding or working with Daisy.

Tuesday: I rode Jess. I worked her in the arena and she did really good. Mainly worked on trotting and such but I did get her to canter a little bit. Hoping to work her later this week a bit more. Didn't work with Daisy but I did groom her.

Wednesday: It was a snowy evening and so no riding, just throwing everyone hay.

Thursday: I did ride Daisy tonight. Didn't work with Jess but plan to tomorrow and hopefully Saturday. First I worked her in the snaffle..I cantered her a bit to get rid of some energy and then just on some trotting. I have been thinking about it for a while and decided I am going to see what she thinks of the double wire snaffle. She does great in it for driving and so I thought I might see what she thinks of it for some riding. My plans are to eventually move to the curb and since I have done different things with the snaffle but she doesn't seem to like it nor respect it much I decided to go a different route. At least for now. So I got the curb out and put it on her and she seems to like it. Rode her up and down the driveway with it. Took her in the barn again and put the double wire snaffle on and she doesn't like it as much as the curb. We shall see what I end up doing but I want to do some research and go from there. :) She did great overall though and I want to see about working her tomorrow and Saturday.

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