Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I did work with Daisy and Jess today :) I hadn't really planned to work with Jess (American Quarter Horse) but then I ended up working with her anyway! First I brought Daisy in from the meadow and took her out to the round pen. I lunged her a bit and worked her on moving her hindquarters and backing up. I didn't do all that much with her but wanted to do a bit of something with her. I took her back out to the meadow and loved on both her and Freedom. Filled their water tub with fresh water and then went up and loved on Curly a bit while filling up his water tub. Went back down to the barn. Sara the other boarder that owns Nessa (appendex Quarter Horse) was there and she was messing with Nessa. I got Jess out of her stall and got her to back up and move her hindquarters around. Also walked around a bit and got her to lower her head down for me when I applied pressure. Nothing to big but I wanted to work with her. I put her in her stall and Sara asked me if I would like to ride Nessa. We had been talking a bit and I was like yeah sure. So she puts her bridle on and I hopped on Nessa using the mouing block. Nessa is AWESOME!! I got her to move her forquarters in a circle, just using light leg pressure and no reins, at least hardly any. I trotted her a bit too and then hopped off. She is so awesome :) She is what I want Daisy to be someday!! :) Talked a bit more with Sara then fed the horses and headed home. Hoping to ride tomorrow...we shall see!

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  1. That's so cool that Nessa was nice! At least you have a model horse to work for! :) Your progress with the horses sound great too! :)