Monday, February 4, 2013

Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

Saturday: It snowed here and my sister, Rose Mary, and I went riding. She rode Curly and to see what Jess is like, I decided to ride her. I wasn't sure what I was going to ride her in but decided on my english saddle. I tied her, brushed her and then got ready to saddle her. That in itself was an adventure since she didn't want to stand so nicely..hehe ;) She reminds me a lot of how Daisy was 2 yrs ago. I did get the saddle on her with a few corrections to her...she kept wanting to move me around and I would just ask her to move over and continue what I was doing. I put the bit in her mouth, got on her and then off we went. We just walked at first with me in front and then sometimes with Curly in front. I did trot Jess a little bit but didn't go to far with that. We did not ride far at all just about 15 or 20 minutes..nothing far due to the snow and such made it cold. When we got back I put Jess out and Rose Mary put Curly away. We did lay Curly down before putting him away but then I loved on Daisy and Freedom and we headed home.

Sunday: Nothing much. I did get Daisy out and work with her in the snaffle. Mainly just backed her up, got her to flex and we even trotted a bit :) Nothing fancy but I want to work more with her this week.

Monday: Rose Mary and I were planning to ride but instead she groomed Curly while I worked with Jess at liberty in the round pen. I wanted to work with her on some groundmanners before working to much more from her back simply to gain respect and let her know how I do things before I start asking her to do things from her back :) She did good. She did a few circles around and the main thing I worked her on was turning when I stepped in front of her and pointed in the other direction. It took a bit of convincing and gesturing to get a cue that she understood but she did it quite well and consistantly by the end of the 25 minutes I worked with her. Was quite impressed. I think next time I want to work a bit more with that..we shall see! Rose Mary had taken Curly out and brought Daisy in. I groomed her and loved on her. Talked with the other boarder (Sara..she owns a horse named Nessa...she moved in Friday) and got to know her a bit. Fed the horses and then headed home. Planning to work with the horses more tomorrow :) Had planned to do more today but didn't get the chance to due to getting off work later.

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