Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Thursday evening I rode Jess again, this time in the arena since Nessa was out in the meadow and I didn't think I should move her. Alyson was there as well and while I got Jess ready to ride, she got Magic ready. I went into the arena and hopped on. I worked at just trotting Jess around at first. Then Alyson came in with Magic. Jess is a very jealous horse and she was not happy in the least to see Alyson riding Magic. It was funny to watch. I would trot or walk her away from Alyson and Magic and Jess would go slow and then as soon as I would start going the other way, like a magnet she would head toward the other two. I did get her to canter at least twice that were more than just two strides. Since Jess was irritated the one time she stops and lets out a buck..bigger than normal. I just made her turn circles and back up and she didn't try to buck again. I got her to canter one time really well and got her to stop only when I asked for it. After that I hopped off and praised her! She is coming along :) Talked with Alyson for a bit and then headed out to Daisy and Freedom after putting Jess away. I took my rope along that I use to lay the horses down. First I put the halter on Freedom and then the rope and laid him down. Each time he does it (this was his third) he gets better and better. Once he laid down, I took his halter off and the ropes and then let him get up at his own leisure. Then I laid Daisy down. The first time she got up right away and she knows she must wait till I say she may get up so I laid her down again. This time she only got up when asked. Praised both horses after they each laid down and loved on them, then headed home.

Friday I didn't do any riding, just cleaned out the stalls and did some odd jobs around the barn, threw the horses hay and then went away for the evening.

Saturday I did ride Daisy. I brought her in from the meadow and brushed her. Saddled her up with the english saddle and put the bridle with the snaffle on. I wasn't sure how it would go but I figured we are going to go for a nice long ride and just do a lot of trotting. That is what happened. We explored a rode that we had gone on before just instead of going right like we always we do we went left. That part of the road is hilly. We walked down the hill and trotted up it. Daisy really seemed to do well. Instead of heading back right away we went on the road we usually go on and did a lot of trotting. Once we had ridden a ways we headed back. Over all we rode for about 50 minutes and did mostly all trotting with some walking thrown in there. Daisy really seemed to enjoy herself and it felt good for me to ride for a good amount of time like that. So glad that in a week DayLight Savings Time begins :) More daylight. When we got back, I unsaddled Daisy and brushed her then put her out in the meadow and fed both Freedom and her hay.

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  1. Nice to hear you got to ride Daisy! She's such a pretty horse! And I know all about jealous horses, my favorite horse, and I'm his favorite person, wouldn't behave for his rider, because I was riding another horse. I felt kinda special! :)