Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week's Update!

This past week I really haven't had a lot of time to work with the horses like I wanted to. Sunday thru Friday I didn't ride because Monday evening I had chorus practice, Tuesday I got hay, Wednesday it rained and I had a chiro appointment, Thursday my arm was sore and Friday I had a wedding. Saturday I rode the Jess and Daisy in the morning.
Saturday I rode Jess first. I worked her in the arena on cantering like I have been. She did pretty well but I did have some issues with how she was responding and such. I made up my mind that the next time we do arena work we are just going to do some fine tuning...working on going off my leg whenever asked and stopping. She did canter for me though and responded quite well but she isn't quite where I want her yet. Once I was finished riding Jess I rode Daisy bareback and with the snaffle for 15 minutes. We just went a ways down the road. With her I worked on speeding up and down at the trot with just my leg, seat and rein cues. She did really well, even coming back. I feel like I am getting somewhere with her.

Sunday then I went for a ride with my cousin. She rode Magic while I rode Jess. It went decently well but Jess was being a bit of a scaredy cat going out the lane and Magic was being his normal pokey self. I wished I would have taken the crop along so I could use that as a gentle reminder instead of constantly using my legs and verbal cues. Today it helped me see what areas I really need to work with her on. It did go well more toward the end of the ride but overall it really went well. I did get her to canter a bit which was awesome and she didn't even try to buck. Feels like progress. Once we got back I put the harness on Freedom and then after I took the harness off I layed him down out in the yard. I didn't walk him around with the harness on because I was running out of time but it went well. :) Hoping that with the longer hours this week and such that I will have plenty of time to work with Daisy, Jess and Freedom. I want to work on line driving with Freedom :) We shall see.

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  1. Good job! Nice to hear! Glad all's going well! Have a nice week! :)