Sunday, March 31, 2013


Thursday evening I rode Jess. Alyson was there so I was showing her how well Jess was doing. I trotted Jess first in the arena then I worked her then got her to canter. As I was going around the first corner she lets out a buck. I corrected her for that and for the rest of the time she behaved herself quite marvelously :) After I had ridden her for a bit I asked Alyson if she wants to ride Jess. She did and so I hopped off and Alyson got on. Jess was being a bit of a mess with not wanting to walk for Alyson but she did then. Once Jess did what Alyson asked Alyson got off. We praised Jess for doing so well. I am very pleased with the progress I have made so far with her.

Friday and Saturday I didn't do more than love on the horses, maybe groom them a bit and put them in and out. My aunt Barb passed away Thursday morning and we had the viewing on Friday and funeral Saturday. Now it is just the children since their father pssed away about a year and a half ago. Pray for them as they continue on with their lives.

Sunday morning (this morning) the youth had a sunrise service so I got up early, fed the horses and Rose Mary and I headed to that. After the sunrise service we went to church, came home, ate lunch at my grandparents place (Dad's side) then I took a long nap. This evening then I just loved on the horses. Plan to do more work with them this week. We shall see!

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  1. I'm very sorry to hear that your aunt passed away! That must have been very sad. I will pray for her children, it must be just awful for them!
    Sounds like your hard work is going far! That's wonderful to hear! :)