Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday and Wednesday!

I didn't ride much at the end of the week or over the weekend cause we as a family had the flu and cold and I wasn't feeling well due to that. Friday I also worked my last day at Pellman Foods and I am hoping now that I am finished there my arms will not hurt as much. Now I am working for my dad on our website and enjoying myself. At the moment it isn't totally up and running but it should be by the middle or end of next week. So far I am enjoying myself and having a blast!

Tuesday I rode Jess, this time outside of the arena. I saddled her up and hopped on her in the barn. She didn't want to go so I got her to back pretty much the whole way out of the barn. Then she responded well and we went out the lane pretty nice. Before we did though she made a bit of a fuss when I asked her to trot. She got over it and trotted out the driveway nicely! Once going down the road I got her to canter away from the barn. She did act a bit bucky at first but then the rest of the ride she did great! We came to a hill so we walked down the hill. At the bottom of the small hill we turned left onto another road and along that road we cantered pretty much the whole way away from the barn and almost the whole way headed back. I see areas that need work but overall it went well. Once we turned onto the road the barn is along we just trotted, then slowed to a walk to cool down. The ride was about 30 minutes and over all it was more cantering than not. I was so impressed with Jess! It was the best ride I have had on her yet! After I was finished riding her, I brought my horses in, groomed them both and put them in the barn for the night!
Wednesday I rode Jess again, only this time in the arena. I wanted to fine tune her going from a trot into a canter. It went amazingly well and she responded well to my aides as well ad did great going pretty much right into a canter when asked. Still work that needs done but overall I am so pleased with the progress we are making!! :) I plan to put my horses in later this evening :)


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  1. Good to hear! Yeah, we are sick now. Stomach bug. NOT FUN!