Friday, April 12, 2013

Blue Marsh and a Purple Flower!

Daisy before heading out
 our group
Riley (on Lightning), Trevor (on Speedy), Chris (on Goldfire), Josh (on Red Lightning) 
Ruth Ann (on Daisy), Sharon (on Bean), and Andrea (on Sweet Pea)
Our group
These are some of the pictures I took at Blue Marsh
Purple flower from this is a rainy Friday here. I didn't ride Daisy yesterday and this evening I might ride..we shall see. Alyson is getting another horse today and tomorrow Jess is most likely getting sold. :) Alyson wanted another horse that she can just hop on and ride and not end up being more of a project which is more or less what Jess is. She will make someone a great project horse!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! The horses are gorgeous, and the flower is pretty! Thank you for sharing! Daisy looks great!