Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Riding Daisy and Working Freedom

This evening I worked with Daisy first. I brought her in from the meadow, groomed her, put the English saddle and snaffle bit on her. I hopped on her and just sat there. Before I told her to move off, she started walking off. I asked her to stop and got her to back up to the bucket where I had gotten on her. Then after she stood there for a bit then I asked her to walk off. We went out into the yard and I worked her at a walk. The main thing I worked with her tonight was walking, asking for a stop, she would stop. Then I would get her to back up, stop and then ask her to walk off again. She is doing so well with stopping and starting. The biggest thing is the stopping though..Daisy has made great improvements. I don't think I have ever had her stop this well with a snaffle bit. I am so proud of her!!! Once I had done this a few times, I asked her to trot and did the same thing as before only I would ask her to stop from the trot. She did quite well. I am so pleased with the progress we have made so far. Along the way I got her to move her hindquarters in a circle either way and she did really well with that.

Once I thought she did her best, we quit. I groomed her, then put her out again. I then went and got Freedom. He had been all excited since Alyson had come and she had taken Harley in from the other meadow and Daisy, who had been with Harley wasn't in the meadow where Freedom could see her so he was running all around :D I brought him into the barn, groomed him, then took him out to the arena. I layed him down and the first time he got up, and then the second time he layed there till I asked him to get up. There was definite improvement over the last time I layed him down :) I then took him into the barn and headed on out to the meadow. On the way out I got him to stop when I said WHOA and back when asked. He did really well. I am very pleased with how he has done this week. I see great potential in him :)

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