Sunday, April 28, 2013

Riding Daisy with Alyson and Harley

Last evening Daisy and I went for a ride with Harley and Alyson. We had gone riding about two weeks before or so, right before Harley showed signs of an abscess. Alyson wanted to see how he would do ad see if he has any issues with riding. She hadn't been up there yet today and neither have I but Anthony hasn't called and said anything so Harley is probably good :) Anyway, I rode Daisy in the snaffle with my natural ride saddle. I wasn't sure if I should ride with the snaffle because I didn't want to undo all the work that I have achieved so far with her but I didn't really want to cheat (not that it would have been but anyway) by using the hackamore. I was standing looking at Daisy and I asked Alyson what she thinks. She said, "Take the hackamore along and if it gets that you need to change then do." So that is what I did. I never had to use the hackamore. Daisy did wonderfully and I felt very happy with how she did. We walked the whole way but she slowed down when asked and didn't try to go into a trot or anything crazy like that. Definite improvement :) Can't wait to ride tomorrow and work with her some more. So pleased with our progress.

I didn't work with Freedom then but I did say hi to him. Have a blessed rest of the day!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that Harley had an abscess! I've worked with a horse who had a really bad one in his hoof. OUCH! I am glad to hear all else is well!