Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Morning's Ride on Jess!

Prince aka Mateo
This morning I got up early and rode Jess before working for my dad. This afternoon/evening I plan to ride Daisy and possibly work with Freedom. Last evening (Tuesday) I did work with Freedom a bit. Mainly on backing and moving his forquarters and hindquarters. Once it warms up here (hopefully next week) I plan work with Freedom more as well as Daisy. Last year the grass was a lot greener by now as well as the weather being a lot warmer than this year. Guess it will come eventually :D
Jess this morning
This morning went well with Jess. Worked in the arena and pretty much just trotted a lot. We did some cantering but I didn't want to work too much on that. I believe the next time I work her I will be working her outside the arena. Jess did really well of which I was thankful :) We shall see how next time goes! 

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