Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thursday, Friday, and Sunday's Rides!

Thursday I rode Daisy in the morning for a short bit. It was about 20 minutes but it was a wonderful ride. In the evening I rode Jess and worked her in and out of the driveway mostly at a trot but I did work her at a canter a little bit!! She did really great especially cantering out of the driveway. I was very pleased with her.

Friday I rode Daisy again all except I rode her in the evening for about half an hour. I am getting her ready for a long ride on Wednesday at Blue Marsh. I rode her both times in my natural ride saddle as well as her hackamore. She was doing great...I mainly worked at her trotting and did some cantering.

Saturday I didn't ride at all.

Sunday I rode Daisy for an hour. She did really wonderful today. I brought her down to the farm and rode her in the field. I worked her at a trot and some cantering...she did really great. I was also taking pictures and here is a bit of a sample.

Looks like spring is here!

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  1. Nice! Spring is here, our driveway is almost clear! Just some parts of the sidewalk and such, but otherwise, GONE!!! I love the flowers, thanks for sharing them! They are so pretty!