Thursday, May 30, 2013

Feeding Everyone Tonight

Below are some pictures I took tonight. I fed all the animals at the barn so I had a lot of buckets :)
 Steers, goats, horses, and dogs feed
 Filling water tubs..just loved how the water was spraying off the edge

Magic was like "Stop taking pictures and feed me."
Now he was like, "Thanks for the food, you can take your camera and go."
 Love the light in the next few pictures!

I didn't ride tonight. I had really planned to but by the time I got to the barn, I was quite warm (very warm day here today). I fed all the animals since Alyson is getting ready for the wedding (I am shooting her wedding on Saturday..first time ever photographing a wedding..we shall see how it goes). Then I had planned to put Daisy out in the meadow with Harley and Freedom but there are still a lot of buttercups that got missed when they sprayed. They plan to spray again once they can see what all they missed. Anyway, I need to see if I can move some horses around before the weekend so Daisy can be out in the meadow where Magic is because that one doesn't have many, if any, buttercups in it. We shall see what happens. Hopefully tomorrow is a bit cooler so I feel a bit more motivated to ride! :)

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  1. Oh everything looks so peaceful! Magic is SOO pretty! Yeah, he's got the looks! lol. Lots of buckets all right!