Friday, May 31, 2013

Riding Daisy

This evening I rode Daisy for a bit. I rode her around the meadow a bit to make sure there are no buttercups in there. There weren't any really so I was happy about that. So I hopped off of her and took her outside the fence. I laid her down and got on her. I rode her down to the barn and took her out to the arena. Out there I worked her at a walk and a canter. I got her to stop, turn and back up with very little pressure on the reins. Working bridleless has helped a lot I think :) Daisy did so well. I was quite pleased with how the ride turned out. I don't know how much riding I will get in before tour but after tour I hope to ride her a nice amount.

I didn't work with Freedom but I did love on him a bit and put fly spray on him.

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