Saturday, May 4, 2013

Friday's Ride and Saturday's Photo Shoot

Friday evening Daisy and I went for a ride with Alyson and Harley. We rode for a half hour or 45 minutes. I rode Daisy in the snaffle bit again and she did excellant. This week has been crazy so I wasn't riding much. Hoping to ride more next week!

I had wanted to ride again this evening (Saturday) but after I was done at home here I wanted to just relax before supper. So I relaxed, ate supper with my family, and after supper went and took pictures of a cute little girl named Kali. She is actually the daughter of the people where I board the horses :) We used Daisy in some of the pictures too. I was editing some of the photos this evening but more will be appearing on my R A Photography site and FB :) Some might end up here too :D I did love on Daisy and Freedom :) So that has been my weekend so far. Hope yours is wonderful!

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  1. I am having a good weekend so far! Glad to hear all's well!