Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thursday, Cabin with the Youth, and Riding Daisy Bridleless

 The first two photos are of the cabin we stayed at.
 My sister Rose Mary (center)
 Friday Evening's supper
 People sitting around the fire making supper
 Some of my friends
 We went for a walk and I took this picture..I think it is one of my favorites from the weekend besides the campfire on and the one of the bubbles (below)
 my walking companions
 more campfire
A closer look at the stack of wood on the fire in the above photo
Colin (youth leaders son)
I didn't do much with the horses Thursday evening. I mainly got things ready for when I would be gone to the cabin for the weekend.
My youth group went to the cabin for the weekend. We met at the church around three. Once all our bags and such were packed into the trailer we headed off toward the cabin in four vans. A few people drove separately because they were going somewhere else after they left on Sunday. We arrived at the cabin around 5:30. We made supper and then did whatever you wanted. I played volleyball. Not sure what time it was when I got to bed but dorm time wasn't till 1 am. Brunch in the morning was served around 9:30. I think I got up around 8, got dressed, had my devotions and by that time it was time for brunch. After brunch I watched some volleyball, went on a walk with some friends, and pretty much just relaxed. We ate supper around 4 and after supper I played some more vball. We had a spiritual activity (singing around the campfire) and after that I played some more vball :) Went to bed around 12:30. Got up this morning around 7, had my devotions, and ate breakfast around 8:30. We had church in the cabin and after church some of us played vball. Not everyone played volleyball all weekend, some people played crochet, went on walks and did any number of things. We had lunch around 12 and then packed up. We left the cabin around 2 and got back here around 3:45. I had so much fun this weekend. Reconnecting with friends again and just relaxing. I really enjoy going to the cabin with our youth group!
This evening when I got home, I unpacked and headed up to the horses. Gave both horse grain and then rode Daisy for a short bit in the arena working on the bridleless. I am looking forward to working her in the bit and seeing how working her bridleless has affected that ;) Hoping to do that this week sometime. Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!

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  1. Cool! Loved the pics! Congrats for riding Daisy with no bridle! Today is the first day for volunteering with some horses! Yeah!