Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Working with Freedom

This evening I worked with Freedom. I brought him in from the meadow and then lunged him a bit in the roundpen. I didn't do it long but long enough for him to get better at stopping, turning and facing me, and then going the other way. I was pleased with how he did especially with the distractions he had with the other horses being right there. Then when I asked him to stop and I turned he came to me. I took him in the barn, gave him his grain. I sprayed him with flyspray and then came home. Daisy went back to the barn tonight so she isn't here at the farm anymore. Her face is much improved.
You should be able to see the improvement here. It is still red but there is no swelling or fluid there :) All closed up! They are calling for thunderstorms here so Daisy is tucked into her stall for the night and Freedom has a run in shed to go in to :)

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