Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Wedding, Leaving for Tour, and Baths for the Horses

Lights at the reception 
Mini Colt, he was in the meadow at the place where the wedding was held 
Alyson and Courtney
I generally won't post the pictures that I take for people here on my personal blog but I was the photographer at Harley's owner, Alyson's wedding on Saturday. Above are some of the pictures I worked on so far. I have been so busy getting ready to leave for tour with the chorus I am in tomorrow that I haven't had the chance to do the editing that I had wanted to. :) I plan to get to it when we get back from the chorus tour and from our family trip out to the show which is right after we get back from tour. I have quite the busy month of June.
I didn't get to do much with the horses yesterday (Monday) but today (Tuesday) I gave both Freedom and Daisy a bath and just loved on them a bit. I also did some cleaning at the barn in preparation for while I am gone. Reorganized my feed bins and where they are to make it easier for those who are feeding my horses while I am gone. Tomorrow before I leave I plan to go love on them a bit too.
 So I won't be posting for a while although I plan to take pictures while on tour as well as when we are at the show. I will also try to keep track of what we are all doing while on tour so I can post when I get back!

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  1. Mini Colt is too cute, the lights are cool, and Alyson is.....stunning!