Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If Its Not One Thing, Its Another

This week I planned to ride again since Daisy is back to normal after her abscess deal. Well wouldn't you know...she comes in with a nice wound that needs doctoring, as well as a swollen right forearm, and a swollen area on the left shoulder. Also some scratches on the right side of her. Called my friend, who has the most experience as far as doctoring, and she told me what to do. She is coming up this afternoon and bringing me some supplies to treat everything. Not sure at all what happened really. Daisy was by herself right behind the barn in that paddock, as well as had access to the arena which is right beside the back meadow. Somehow and for reasons I am not sure I totally understand, she jumped the fence. She had some lumps that looked like hives but were different so we were thinking bees might have stung her causing her to jump the fence....checked for stingers and such and nothing in there. So really not sure, we ran thru all kinds of possibilities but none of them but the bee stings really made sense to me. But it looks like I won't be riding for a bit. Just thankful that her abscess is taken care of. Will keep you posted on Daisy's progress :) Also will try to get some pictures too ;)


  1. She could of been stung by a wasp or yellow jacket because they don't leave stingers. Also, I don't know if you have horse and or deer flies in your area but they can sure give a nasty bite

    1. That is most likely what she got stung by...another friend of mine thought the same as you. Possibly a horse fly. Guess we won't really know..thankfully she didn't have a reaction to the bite itself.

  2. Horse flies are NASTY. I hate them with a passion. So sorry to hear about Daisy! HOpe you can ride her soon!