Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just an Update

Daisy and Freedom
Tonight since I couldn't ride Daisy and I was feeling a bit tired, I took lots of pictures :) I took pictures of the horses, flowers, a cat, and lots of random things. I was feeling the itch to photograph something again. Some days I feel quite inspired and other days not so much. Not sure what the difference is but anyway. So I got some pictures of Daisy all bandaged up but those pictures won't come till later. I want to get some of her wound tomorrow if possible and thru out the week I probably will be posting more pictures of the horses that I took this evening.
My friend came this afternoon and brought me some supplies. We bandaged up Daisy, put some things on her swollen shoulder to help with the swelling, gave her some things for the pain and then put her back out in the meadow. Some people probably would stall her but I think keeping her moving is good for keeping her swollen areas from tightening up as well as getting fluid in those areas. So I will be doing more doctoring :) Gotta love the things horses throw at you. I will try to get more pictures of Daisy up tomorrow!

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  1. Oh good! Love the pic! Like mother, like son! They got the same face!