Monday, July 8, 2013

Riding Daisy and Driving Freedom

This evening I did a bit with the horses. I drove Freedom although I didn't harness him up. I wanted to see how he would do with a bit in his mouth and with me guiding him. I have put the bit in his mouth but never really guided him with it. Tonight we did that. Freedom did great. He picked up on what I wanted pretty much right away. I got him to walk off, slow down, stop, and turn in both directions without any problem. I want to do it this way a few more times before I harness him up again and drive him with the bit but I think he will be ready for that. Once we do that then I plan to work more on getting him better at driving.

After I worked with Freedom, I got Daisy and hopped on her bareback with the snaffle bit. I wanted to check the fence line in the meadow I planned to put her in. We haven't used that meadow in a little so I wanted to see how the fence line was faring. When we were headed toward the gate, Daisy wanted to be a bit jiggy, so I would just either turn her in a circle, stop and back her up, or turn her into the fence...that helped a bit but to get her listening to me better I rode her back up the fence line and then headed back toward the gate. I just worked her with that more till she was responding to me better. I know part of the reason she was acting the way she was, was in part because she hasn't been used much with me being gone and then doing so much catching up since I have been back. I know she knows this stuff and is just testing me out ;) Then I worked her a bit at cantering and then stopping right when I ask. That has some fine tuning that needs done but we are making progress. I am pleased with how far she has come. Hoping to work her more this week but you never know what the week might throw at you :) Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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