Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

I didn't ride then on Wednesday after the pictures because it seemed like it could rain. I did work on laying Daisy down a bit. She did well with that. Thursday (July 4th), I didn't ride. I had planned to but our family got invited away for supper and then some of the youth went down to Hershey, PA to see their fireworks. I should have taken my camera along when we went to the people's place for supper but I didn't so I didn't have my camera for the fireworks. I was disappointed about that but totally enjoyed the fireworks anyway ;) I got to bed quite late but such is life ;)

Friday I was busy doing housework as well as baking food for my friend Elana Nolt's farewell party (I made the above cupcakes as well as chocolate chip bars). I didn't get any riding in then either. Today (Saturday) Charlotte (a friend of mine) and I took one of my best friends, Elana Nolt, down to Mountain View Nursing Home to serve for 15 months. Here is a link to their sight: I enjoyed being able to see where she will be living for the next 15 months as well as getting to spend a good portion of the day with her. It was one of the hardest things I did, leaving her behind as Charlotte and I drove out the driveway, heading toward Pa, four hours away :) It was a day well spent. So today I didn't get to really do much with the horses but this next week I am hoping to get some pictures posted from last evenings farewell party for Elana, some pictures from today as well as writing up some blogs :) We shall see what this week all brings :) Tomorrow I might just relax and do nothing :D It is Sunday after all :) May you have a blessed rest of the weekend and a wonderful Lord's Day!

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