Sunday, July 28, 2013


Daisy is doing well...I do have some pictures of her wound and such but didn't post them yet because I haven't made/found the time. I hope to do that sometime this week. I have been busy keeping the wound clean and changing the dressing morning and evening. It is looking really good and looks like it might be on the mend. I had planned to ride her last evening but I ended up taking care of one of my sister, Rose Mary's, puppies. He wasn't drinking so we were bottle feeding it every hour or so Friday night. Today for the first time we put it back with its mom for more than just letting it eat :) I believe it will be able to be back with its mom full time again soon. I might ride tonight but depends on if I am in the mood to do anything when I got to the horses tonight. Freedom is doing good. Haven't really messed with him much but I am hoping that this week I can really work with him and Daisy. Now that she is on the mend, I want to get into really working my horses. It feels like this summer flew by. First in June I was gone most of it, July I was home but Daisy had her abscess and now her wound so that took up a good portion of July. Hopefully in August :D I guess we shall see. I will try to post pictures tomorrow and actually have something worth writing about. Enjoy your weekend!

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