Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Riding Daisy and Other News

I rode Daisy Monday evening. I rode her a different place than I normally ride. Usually I turn around at the one spot but figured if I go around the block instead of turning around it might end up being longer. Well I think it turned out to be a bit longer but not by much. Next time I ride I want to go the same way all except starting where I ended because then I will be going more uphill than downhill that way. Guess we shall see. She did really good because I rode her with the natural ride and her snaffle. I even cantered a bit and she did great.

Today I didn't ride because it was drizzling slightly and when I went up to the horses it had stopped but I wasn't dressed to ride so I just worked with Freedom in the round pen. Today he acted like he didn't remember how well he had done the last time :D But by the time we were done he was doing great :) I am so pleased with his progress.

Here is the new header I made for Musings of a Cowgirl today. I wanted something different and I think I like how it looks ;)

Remember the puppy I had written about earlier. Well he didn't make it. I was sad because I had hoped that he would live and grow to be big but he didn't.

Also this is my last month of working for Dad because next month I start my new job. But I don't have many more weeks anymore because next week we have a show which is close home, the week following that I am going to be cooking at a cabin with my cousin for a family so I won't be around then, and the week after that (the last full week of August) my sister Rose Mary and I are flying out to WA state to see a friend that I met thru horses :) She came in two years ago and it has been my dream since I met her to go out there and finally that dream of mine is coming true!! :) So this week and next week are my two weeks that if I want to get much riding in they are the weeks to do so. Tomorrow evening I have church but the rest of the week I believe I should be able to get some riding in. ;) We shall see.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the puppy! Wow, your horses look so good! Your blog template is super!