Friday, August 9, 2013

Thursday and Friday

Yesterday and today Rose Mary and I went riding. Both days she rode Magic and I rode Daisy. Since she was riding Magic with my natural ride saddle I rode Daisy with the snaffle bit and bareback. Yesterday Daisy did ok...on the way back she was being a bit nuts and not wanting to slow down and listen when I asked her. So I worked her a bit on stopping and backing up. If she didn't listen nicely I made her do a turn on the hindquarters or forequarters. Once I worked with her a bit she did better. Then today I didn't have to work with her as much. She was still being a bit of a nut case but by the end of the ride I had her going nicely. I am thankful that I have been able to ride more.

I haven't gotten to work with Freedom again this week yet but hoping I can tomorrow but we shall see. Both him and Daisy are doing well. I didn't get a photo of Daisy's wound but it is healing up nicely of which I am thankful. I haven't been bandaging it anymore but just been putting a dressing on it every day.

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