Monday, September 9, 2013

Ponying Freedom off of Daisy

Saturday I rode Daisy and ponied Freedom along. Now I am not sure when the last time I ponied Freedom was but I am thinking it was back in March or April sometime. Well I do know the last time I had ponied him, I had taken my long whip along so if he decided to balk I could give him a tap on the hindquarters. This time I took the whip along because I wasn't sure if he was going to behave nicely or give me some trouble. Well he ponied like he had been ponied every week for the last month :) I was amazed although I guess I shouldn't be. He has made great progress. I love how when I introduce new things to him, he not only picks it up quite fast, he also does it really well too. He trotted along beside Daisy no problem, walked when I asked and did everything so well!! He continually impresses me!! Looking forward to starting him under saddle! Daisy did well too. I rode her in the snaffle and she did better than I expected. Although I don't know why I was too worried but she can be a bit of a mess sometimes ;)
Sunday I didn't ride, I just fed my horses and came home again. I wasn't feeling too well.
Monday (today) I groomed both horses and just loved on them. Not sure if I will ride tomorrow yet or not. Guess we shall see. If I do ride it will be in the morning because in the evening I am going out to Hanover PA to help with Peace Ministries. They do children's clubs in the evening and that is what I am going to be helping with! Really excited about it. Speaking of children....I am really enjoying my new job! It has its challenges but really enjoying it!

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