Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Its been a warm two days. Yesterday (Tuesday) was so warm and today wasn't much better. I didn't do anything but feed the horses yesterday morning because I am helping out with PEACE Ministries (a mission that is in the city and have clubs for ages 5 on up. That is every Tuesday evening so I won't be doing any riding on Tuesdays unless I have off or go in late. I had a good evening with the children though. Today (Wednesday) I had planned to ride possibly but that idea went out the window because of how warm it is. I just hosed the horses off, fed them their grain, and loved on them a bit. Then came home. I have off Friday so I plan to do some things with them then.  Going to the beach on Saturday so I won't be doing anything with the horses then. :) Guess we shall see what next week brings!

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