Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trip to Washington State

We flew out from Philadelphia Pa to Seattle WA.
Seattle with the Space Needle
Space Needle
Some scenery on the way to my friend's house 
 more scenery (love this photo)
 Deception Pass Bridge from Fidalgo Island to Whidbey Island where my friend lives
 A boat in LaConnor
Rainbow Bridge also in LaConnor
 My friend and I
 View of LaConnor
 Empty Fishing Crates
 My sister Rose Mary and I
 Admiralty Head Lighthouse close to Fort Casey
 View from the Lighthouse
 Dugualla Bay...this is one of my favorite photos
 Bowman Bay
 Dock at Bowman Bay
 same dock
 On top of the dock
Rosario Beach
My sister Rose Mary and I flew out of Philly on August 26th around 7:30 (Monday) morning. Our arrival to Seattle approximately 5 hrs and 40 some minutes later at 10:30ish Seattle WA time. We met up with our friend Lisa and headed the two hours north of Seattle to Oak Harbor WA on Whidbey Island. So we spent the week doing some sight-seeing, getting to know the area, and spending time with a dear friend and of course her family. I did some things that I have always wanted to do, one of them was riding on the beach!!
riding my friend Lisa's horse Aly on the beach
I'm on Aly, Lisa's on Julio her other horse

We also picked blackberries (some of which we brought home, I plan to eventually make some of them into blackberry jam which is AMAZING) which was quite the experience ;) Nettles and all :D Although I think the most fun thing for me was just hanging out with a wonderful and dear friend as well as traveling with my sister all on our lonesome, something we haven't done before! :) Overall we had an amazing trip and definitely would go back!! We flew home on Saturday, August 31st. It was short but fun!!

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  1. They are beautiful pictures! The horses are VERY pretty! Lucky you to ride Aly on the beach and in the water. :))) Thanks for sharing! Glad you had lots of fun!