Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Bowing Horse and Longing Freedom

So far this has been a bit of a crazy week :) Tuesday my phone decided to totally give up the ghost so at the moment, no phone. Last evening (Wednesday) we as a family spent the evening at the phone store (switching carriers) and deciding on phones. We are now all on the same plan, making our bills cheaper, funny how that works. Anyway this evening (Thursday) I finally was able to spend with my

First I worked with Daisy on bowing. She knows how to lay down and does that pretty well and consistently but I have been wanting to teach her to bow. I have gotten her to do it one or two other times but decided tonight I would get her to actually do it. At first Daisy was like, "I thought you wanted me to lay down but you are telling me WHOA before I get the whole way there, What's wrong with you?" :D but I got her to bow twice in a row. I believe if I keep working on it and showing her the different cues she will figure out that one means bowing and one means laying fully down.

Since Daisy had done so well I got Freedom out and worked him with lunging on the line again. Today he seemed a bit scatter brained and full of energy. Not necessarily a good combination. Once he settled down and was willing to listen to me, he did excellent. Next time I work with him I want to do something different :) He is doing really well with the lunging but I do want to break up what I do with him each time I work with him. Pleased with the progress I am having with him so far though.  Guess we shall see what tomorrow holds! :)

Sorry I haven't posted my WA pics yet....just haven't had the chance to take the time yet :( I will have them up eventually!!

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