Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Week Long Update

This blog post has been a long time in coming! I have been wanting to write about driving Freedom as well as working with getting Daisy to bow and Freedom to lay down but just never had the time. I have been busy since Monday revamping my pricing on R A Photography and that has occupied my time. Just ask my family and some of my friends, I have been wearing their ears out with my questions and wanting their input. I believe I have everything ironed out now though! Anyway enough for that.

A week ago on Thursday I didn't get the chance to ride but I did get to work with Daisy a bit on bowing and with Freedom on laying down. My sister, Rose Mary, was along and so she was watching. I asked Daisy to bow and she did really well. I think she had done better on Wednesday evening when I was working more on it but I definitely think the connection with my voice cue and leg cue (tap her leg with my toe right above the hoof) is sinking in and she is understanding what I mean and she is to bow. I want to work with her some more on that! Then I got Freedom out and worked with him a bit too. I asked for him to lay down and he did really well. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had gotten him to lay down but he did amazing. I just love that about him, I can do anything I want, pretty much anytime I want, and he will remember how to do it :) And do it well :D

I didn't work with the horses on Friday evening but Saturday I drove Freedom. I had made up my mind that one of these times I want to line drive him along the road and Saturday I thought was as good of a day as any. It took us some time to get up the drive way because Freedom kept wanting to turn around whenever I asked him to turn. Not sure what was up with that because he knew what I was asking for. Anyway we got up to the end of the driveway and it was like all of a sudden he realized, "Whoa, I am all by myself here!!!!" Daisy was in the barn and there are no horses in the front meadow so to him he was alone. And every time we have gone totally away from the barn, Daisy has always been with us. So he realizes that he is by himself, and he stops, looks around, and takes a step back. Then he wants to turn tail and walk back to the barn. I didn't let him. I stopped him and tried to get him turned around to head back out. He thru a bit of a fit about it and then got over it. After he thru his mini tantrum, I was able to get him to walk out the lane onto the road. Then the most hilarious thing happened. We were walking along and he realized, hey this isn't to bad. Then a car came in the opposite direction and he kinda hops in the ditch and is like, "Wait, what was that?" and I just talked him thru it and after that it didn't matter about the traffic or anything. You could literally see him puff himself up and be all proud about the fact that he is doing this all by himself and was quite proud of that fact! He totally enjoyed himself. He was looking around and checking everything out. A couple of times he heard noises and I could tell he was about to hesitate but I just urged him on and he was fine. I then turned Freedom around and headed for home. He actually didn't walk faster on the way back than he had on the way out. When we turned in the driveway and the whole way to the barn I was praising him for doing such a wonderful job!! I am so pleased with how his first time out by himself went. I am hoping to do it some more. Especially after seeing how much he enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing how he responds the next time!

Once we came back, I praised him a lot, I unharnessed him, hosed him off and then put him in a stall. I got Daisy out and we went for a really, and I stress really, short ride. I talked to a neighbor about riding in his field and he was showing me his steers. While I was talking to him, my mom called for lunch, so Daisy and I headed back to the barn. Overall I had a great Saturday!!

Then Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week I didn't do much of anything with my horses. I went away with my family Monday evening, Tuesday evening had a party at a friend's house, and Wednesday I had church. So each day I pretty much fed the horses, loved on them a bit and left again. I was hoping to ride tonight but the weather has foiled my plans. It is raining and has been all day so no riding here. If the horses aren't too wet, I might groom them. If they are too wet, I will just love on them and spend time with them that way :) I have a long weekend ahead because I believe I have off Monday so I should have plenty of time to spend with them then. At least I hope so! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Nice going! Been busy, fall is here! It has autually snowed a bit. :((
    Have a nice day!