Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Interesting Turn of Events

Well as I said in my last blog post, last week was busy :) I hadn't ridden at all, but I had the week before. Monday, I had off and I had planned to ride but my day filled up differently than I expected. Had a photography shoot in the morning, had one of my clients coming to order prints in the afternoon (which she changed to evening, but that ended up working better for me), and I had some Christmas cards to design. I also went to work with two of my friends to work some things out between the two of them. So since my day went differently, in a good way, I just didn't get to ride.

Last evening I did get a half an hour ride in!! I was so happy about that. I brushed both horses and loved on them a bit too. Rode Daisy bareback with the snaffle bit. Before we left, I got her to back up, move her hindquarters in both directions, and then off we went. Mostly while we rode I just worked her at going the speed I set her at without her pushing the limits. We have a ways to go with that but we are getting somewhere. Daisy did really well on the ride and I am hoping to ride again later this week. I was going to ride this evening but was finishing up some things that needed done here at home. :) Now off to feed my horses and love on them a bit!

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