Monday, November 18, 2013

FL Trip and Groundwork

Well I had a great time in FL but it is great to be home. We arrived home around 3 this afternoon after leaving around 9 last evening down in FL. I was able to come home, unpack, and then go to my horses.

I brought both of my horses in. Put Daisy in the stall and then groomed Freedom. After grooming Freedom, I just worked him from the ground, asking him to disengage his hindquarters, backing up, and trotting while leading him. He did really well. I also laid him down. Really love how well he does with that!

After I finished with him, I put him in the stall and got Daisy out. I groomed her and then worked her in the round pen. I want to ride tomorrow hopefully so I just wanted to do some groundwork with her tonight to get a feel for how she is feeling. She did really well in the round pen. After she did well with that I also laid her down. Well I brought her in and tied her. I then helped one of the guys up at the barn with his horse. I joined up with her and she did amazing, especially for a horse who had never (at least to either of our knowledge) done that before. I was pleased with her. I finished up loving on my horses and then headed home. Tomorrow hope to work with my guys more but we shall see! Have a lot of photos to go thru from FL. ;) Have a great week!

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