Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Riding Daisy

This evening I rode Daisy. I brought both horses in from the meadow first and groomed them both. Then I put Freedom in the stall and gave him grain while I worked with Daisy. Mostly I just worked her at a walk and worked at her slowing and stopping by body language. Since I haven't worked her in a while, I figured I would work her on that since she can act like a brat after I haven't worked her in a while! She did really good. At first whenever we were facing the barn she didn't want to stop or slow down but I just worked her thru that and at the very end she did really wonderful! Since she did really good I stopped and hopped off. Took her in the barn and gave her grain. I want to work her more tomorrow but we shall see how my evening goes.

I also laid Freedom down because one of the people at the barn wanted to see it! He did really good too because I just picked his leg up and he laid down really well! Pleased with how he is doing!

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