Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Busy Time of Year

Ok I know I haven't posted in a while and I apologize. Been busy with getting ready for Christmas and such. Last Tuesday (the 17th), Daisy, Freedom and I went down to Sharon's barn and met up with a bunch of others to go Christmas caroling on horseback at Fairmount Home (home for the elderly). I ponied Freedom off of Daisy because I thought it would be a good experience for him. Both horses did well. I was quite pleased with how the evening went. Well the lights on the trailer that my cousins were going to trailer my horses home in, didn't work so they stayed the night at Sharon. They did come home the following day. The rest of the week I spent busy with work and other odds and ends.

Friday evening I was able to drive Freedom in a cart for the first time. It is a light pony cart and I added no more weight than the cart itself. He did wonderful and acted like he had done this all his life. I had gotten Sharon to help me start him since she had done it more than once already. Then Saturday I drove him again this time with me behind the cart driving him. Once again no problem. I want to keep working him and just build him up to pulling weight eventually. At the moment I just want to have him pull the cart and go from there. I haven't done it since Saturday. Sunday I rode with my cousin Sara. I rode Daisy in the French link snaffle with the English saddle. I was pleased with how she behaved. It almost seems she does better when riding with another horse or in a group. Not sure why but anyway. Then I rode her again today with my sister and she did even better than Sunday. The snow that had been on the ground for about a week, all melted with in a day and a half because of the warm weather we had. So that meant a sloppy mess which also meant no working with the horses. Hoping to work with them almost each day I am off from work over Christmas :)

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