Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lunging Daisy and Freedom and Riding

Last evening (Friday) I was able to lunge both horses. First I worked with Daisy. I almost had to laugh at her because she usually does great on the lunge line. Well she decided she can change directions whenever she good and well wants to. I changed her back again and made her work a bit harder. Slowed her down to a trot again and wouldn't you know, she changes directions without me telling her to once again. I got her going in the direction she had been going and made her work a bit harder, just like before. After that she didn't try to change directions without me telling her to. She can be so amusing at times.

I put her out and then went to eat some supper. I came back to the barn and then I got Freedom out. I worked him a bit on the line too. For not being lunged in a while I was pleased with how he did. He moved out when told and turned when asked. A couple of times he wanted to run thru my cue to turn but he did then. We also worked on some ground work of him just backing and such when I asked him too. Really pleased with how he is doing.

Today (Saturday) I rode Daisy in the falling snow. I got a French link snaffle for her and she seems to like it better than the regular snaffle. I rode her in that as well as bareback and had no problems. There are a few things we have to work thru but I was pleased with how our ride went. We rode for about an hour. We are getting snow once again so I guess we shall see if I will ride tomorrow or not. I would like to. :) Hope you all have a great weekend!

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