Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Few Thoughts

Miss Daisy

It has been a bit too chilly to do much at all this week :) I had off from work yesterday due to school closing and since I work for a school teacher, that meant no work for me. Today I had a good day at work. Although Jackson, who is almost 1, was a bit sick, he was a happy boy today. While Cameron, who is almost 4, was at preschool, Jackson slept. Then we went to pick Cameron up and played some games till rest time. One game we played was "Doctor". Cameron loves to play like he is hurt and then me be the "doctor". Usually he is prescribed ok, but sometimes he has a "broken arm" or just has to lay on the couch for a bit. He is just too funny. I really do enjoy my job as a nanny. Most weeks I work every day but occasionally I have off on a Friday and Monday because the father works some weekends and then has off on those days. I am thankful that both Cameron and Jackson are well behaved. I also am really looking forward to Jackson to start talking and walking. He is getting around really well, at the moment, crawling. He can pull himself up and walk behind his little walker thing so I don't think it will be much longer. We shall have lots of fun then!

Tonight I just loved on my guys and fed them. Hoping Friday and Saturday to work them both if it is warm enough. Tomorrow night we have Bible school at church again. We are going to have it for, I think, 5 weeks straight and I teach on Thursdays. I have the kindergarten 2 class which is the class that is going to be in 1st grade next year. So far they are well behaved and quite attentive. :) Well that is all for my numerous ramblings...since I haven't been riding you are hearing about everything else :D Hope you all have a blessed week.

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  1. That's pretty cute!
    I am working for a lady who has a theraputic riding program. Every wed. I'm helping her take care of her horses in the winter. My fave horse is a Thouroughbred/quarter horse named Prince. He's a sorrel and 15.3 hands. He is beautiful and hopefully I can ride him lots this winter. :)))
    Have a nice evening!