Saturday, January 11, 2014

Driving Freedom

 A photo of our return from line driving on the road for the first time
Yesterday I wanted to drive Freedom again because it had been a week since the last time. I would have driven him sooner but the weather was too cold and too snowy for me to be able to drive him. So yesterday after the snow we did get, melted, my sister Rose Mary went with me and we drove him. We hitched him up and then took him out of the lane. I wanted Rose Mary along so if we happen to run into anything scary I can have some help if needed, just as a precaution. She walked out the driveway since it is so steep and I figured he would do better pulling two people on the flat. We didn't go as far as the last time, about half as far but Freedom did great. On the way back we did meet a truck coming toward us, just like we had the last time right after our truck going around us scare. Anyway Freedom did freak out a little bit but not near like the last time. I was really happy with him. I have a feeling if I keep driving him once or twice a week, not too far, just enough to condition him a little bit, and if we keep meeting trucks he soon will get over his fear :) I am very pleased with how he has been doing so far. Once we got back to the barn, I groomed him again and then put him out. Since it was getting dark, I didn't have time to ride Daisy too, so I just groomed her as well then fed them. Hoping to ride today but we shall see!
 Driving Freedom on the road with the cart
What one does when the driveway is steep and too snowy and slippery to drive down to deliver the hay to the barn :)

p.s. All I have of driving Freedom are phone photos :)

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  1. Wow, that's pretty cool! My friend with horses has a little sleigh. SO cute.
    Phone photos? Those are really good!