Monday, January 27, 2014

Cold Weather and Short Moments

Last week I only worked Thursday and Friday due to the snow day on Tuesday and then just a day off on Wednesday from the very cold weather and the not so nice roads. I do not remember a winter being so COLD for so long. Sure we had temperatures down in the 20s but hardly ever do I remember single digit weather and wind chills in the negatives. I am just thankful that my horses have been staying warm and though I am not a fan of the cold, they don't seem to mind it.
Thursday and Friday I didn't do anything with the horses. Thursday evening I had Bible School and on Friday my mom left in the morning for Alabama for a week of prison ministry. I also took a friend for a load of hay. Saturday it snowed again (not much) but just enough that I didn't ride or work with the horses during the day. In the evening when I did make it to the horses, I hopped on Daisy for a short spin around the meadow, bareback and bridle-less. She behaved herself quite nicely, turning and stopping as I asked her. Since Freedom was running along side, both her and Freedom burned some energy.
Sunday the roads were a bit nasty in the morning from blowing all night but then the sun cleared them. In the evening, Rose Mary went with me to the horses. I just got to spend some time with the horses. Freedom can be a bit over-nosy so both Rose Mary and I were making him mind his manners. I also asked him to lay down. I can't remember the last time I asked him to do that, but I just picked his leg up and said down and he laid down. I made like I was going to sit on him although I didn't rest any weight on him. I hopped off and then he decided to get up before I asked him to. So I laid him down again. Usually he throws a fit the second time but he laid down real nice the second time and stayed down till I gave him the ok to stand up. After being such a good boy, and laying down nicely, he decided he can be naughty, I made him back up and stay put, despite me moving around, till he showed signs of wanting to be good. Then I praised him for being such a good boy. I can't wait till it isn't so cold and snowy then I can drive him again and work him some more.
Tonight I didn't do much with the horses. I did take my sister, Rachel, along and she messed with one of the other boarder's ponies, Tokyo. It has made for an interesting change of schedule, having my mom gone. It helps when everyone pitches in and does their part :) Hope you are staying warm. They are calling for a high of 15 and windchill of -9 here :)

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