Saturday, February 1, 2014

Odds and Ends

This week was quite a busy one. My mom was in AL with the We Care Prison Ministry from Friday, January 24 - today (Feb 1st). She got home this afternoon. But it made my week a bit more busy but I am just thankful the week went well. It made life interesting having to get up a bit earlier to get my younger sister, Rachel, off to school in the morning before heading to work and then making sure the laundry and supper was made. I was thankful for my sister, Rose Mary, who is two years younger than me because she helped out a lot too! Although it is good to have mom home again!

With being busy with all the other stuff, I was glad that two evenings this week I was able to work with the horses a bit. The one evening I laid Freedom down just by picking his leg up and he got up before me asking him to, so I laid him down again. He once again got up before he was supposed to and so the third time I laid him down he stayed down till I gave him the ok to get up. He can be such a good boy and other times he likes to see how much he can get away with. Then on another evening I rode Daisy around the meadow bareback and bridle-less. I didn't work her long but it was good just to sit on her again.

Friday evening my cousin moved her horse Mischa in. She is working at an accounting place for over tax season and it is an hour or so away from her house so she lives elsewhere over tax season and it is nice for her to have her horse close by. :) So I am really looking forward to having her around because that means I will not only get to see her more, but I will also have someone to ride with! Friday and today I didn't do much with my horses as I had planned. Yesterday I was doing last minute things getting ready for mom to come home today and today we were spending some time as a family :) Hoping to ride tomorrow maybe and if it is nice Monday, drive Freedom and ride Daisy, because I had a four day weekend because of one of the parents where I work is working the weekend so he had Friday and Monday off. Hope you had a great week and enjoy your weekend!

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