Sunday, January 19, 2014

Driving Freedom and Riding Daisy Bridle-less

I drove Freedom again for the first time in over a week on Saturday. Been in the process of getting over my cold. Before we went for a drive, I worked with Freedom a bit on groundwork. We were in the meadow and I got him to back away from me, then I told him to whoa and then I backed up. The idea was for him to stay where I told him too until I told him otherwise. It took him a bit to figure out that I mean for him to stand 5 ft away from me. I was really impressed with how he did.

When we went for a drive, I took him a different way. Instead of going left out of the lane like we have pretty much every time I took him out, we went right. He trotted off really nice. Not far down the road, a man came out of his basement, dressed in lightly colored clothing, had a mask over his nose and mouth, and was carrying a bucket. Freedom stopped and LOOKED. Talked to the guy a little bit. He asked me if I am the one who usually rides. I said yes but at the moment I am training him to drive and come April we will start some light under saddle work, that is the hope anyway. He wished me the best with working with Freedom and by the time I was done talking to him, Freedom was over being worried. Not to much farther down the road there is a bunch of wood to the side of the road. Freedom snorted at the wood and was a bit wary but trusted me to keep on past. We went down to the road where I usually ride Daisy a lot and turned around on that road. Headed back, we had no things Freedom was scared of. I really am excited about starting him under saddle. Thinking maybe this week to throw my natural ride saddle on him and lunging him with it on, to get him used to the feeling of the stirrups and such. Since he is use to the girth tightening with the harness I am not worried about that. We shall see.

Once we got back from driving, I unhitched Freedom and groomed him. Took him out into the pasture and grabbed Daisy. I wanted to ride but since it was quite chilly and I still wasn't quite feeling the best, I decided to just do some bridle-less work in the arena. Now we haven't done any bridle-less work since August. I wasn't sure how Daisy would do, especially with not having ridden for a little while, but I was excited to see how it might go. It went really well especially for not having done it for a long while! We cantered for a bit and did some stops and starts. Also got her to back up. I always forget how much fun it is to work a horse like that. Maybe since I am not such a huge fan of riding in the dark I could do some more bridle-less work with her this winter :) We shall have to see! Once I was done working with her in the arena, I groomed her and put her out with Freedom. Overall I felt like I got a nice amount done with both horses yesterday.

On a totally different note, for some reason been thinking a lot of my trip with my sister, Rose Mary, out to WA this past summer and that it is definitely something I wan to do again:) I just love the scenery out there....Someday I would love to go to Alaska!

 Lisa and I
Rose Mary (my sister and traveling companion) and I
 Lisa on Aly and I am on Julio (Lisa's very TALL Dutch warm blood)
Just LOVE this picture


  1. Wow Ruth Ann that is totally amazing!!!!! I'm sure you are proud of that feat!
    The other pics are so beautiful, especailly the last one! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Danielle ;) Yes I am very happy that I can ride Daisy bridle-less. It was something I always wanted to do on a horse and then doing it on Daisy this past summer was the best ever! I am also thankful I can drive Freedom...he is such fun to drive! Just wanted to say that I read all your comments even if I don't always reply! Thanks for reading my blog!! :)