Thursday, January 16, 2014

At the Close of the Week (Almost)

Another week is almost at a close (ok it's only Thursday but only two more days to this week). Although this week I haven't had much chance to do things with my horses, I am determined that since this weekend is a long one (since Monday is a holiday, I have off), I am hoping to get some riding and driving in! We have Bible School Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Thursday evenings I teach the Kindergarten 2 class (they are 5 and 6...will be going to first grade next year). That is going to keep me busy till the first week of February.

Yesterday morning was foggy. I looked out the window and decided if I hurry I can get some nice pictures of the fog before work. :) I was quite happy with the pictures. Foggy mornings are so mystical looking and I enjoy taking pictures of them.

Last evening I was able to spend time with both horses. I groomed both horses and did some groundwork with Freedom. They were both so dirty since it was extremely muddy here because all our snow melted and then we got a lot of rain, all in a matter of a few days. So I guess we shall see how the weekend goes as far as weather and such! Have a great rest of the week!

My sister, Rose Mary's dog, Duke of Countryside Golden Retrievers

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