Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Full Weekend and A Busy Start To The Week

Thursday and Friday I didn't do anything with the horses. Friday I had planned to drive Daisy in the cart and see how she does but then it was foggy so I didn't drive or ride either horse. I ended up just doing chores and getting the horses stuff ready for the weekend. I had youth retreat this weekend. I always look forward to youth retreat.

Last year I didn't go because I had been dealing with severe headaches. Looking back, I was still working at Pellman Foods icing cakes, and it was quite noisy there and I believe I was just getting nasty noise headaches. Anyway, this year was amazing. I really enjoyed the topics we had and I loved that I was able to have my sister, Rose Mary there, as well as my cousin Sarah. I also felt that I got a lot more out of this year than I did some years because I feel I am closer to God than ever before. I love that about God. You think you are close to Him, and you go thru some more trials and tests, and you realize that you only had a small taste of closeness to Him. :)

Sunday afternoon, I went for a drive with Sarah before supper. Rose Mary and Sarah had gone riding. I had plans in the early afternoon but I told Sarah I still want to go driving after that. We drove Freedom and he did pretty good. He acted up a bit going out the lane but did pretty good once on the road. He still shies at some stuff but he seems to be getting better. We only drove for about half an hour and after we got back, I fed my horses and went home.

after we got back! I just love how she looks all hooked up (cell phone picture)

Monday, I had off work, because Jimmy had worked the weekend (meaning I had off Friday and Monday). My day was quite full. For some reason I couldn't sleep past seven, so I got up even though I was quite tired yet from the weekend :) I headed to the horses. I decided to drive Daisy first. I hooked her up to the cart and she didn't mind the cart in the least. I started out the driveway and she acted like she did this all the time. I don't remember the last time I drove her single. We had trained her via double hitch and then gone single hitch one or so times. It was at least two years ago. Anyway, I was by myself and I knew with it being Monday, and the road I was on, I wasn't going to face much traffic. I drove her for about half an hour and she did absolutely perfect. She tried to canter a time or two, but I always asked her to go back to a trot and she listened very well! I was so pleased with her!!

Daisy (cell phone picture)

Once I got back from driving Daisy, I got Freedom all hitched up. By that time, Sarah was there. (In case you all wondered, we do have jobs and such, but sometimes it works out that we are able to do impromptu things). She hadn't planned to come till Tuesday evening but some things changed that made it able for her to come. She went with me when I drove Freedom again. He did so much better than Sunday. He shied a time or two but definitely was better than on Sunday.

I had put Daisy in the stall till we got back with Freedom, and when we got back with Freedom, I put him behind the barn. I got Daisy, and saddled her up. I thought it would be good for her to be ridden for a short bit since she had been driven and that was something new. Sarah and I rode for about half an hour. I had plans to go down to Sharon to ride all afternoon cause she knew I had off and wanted to ride with me for a couple hours :)

So after the horses were all put away, I came home, got some food and headed to Sharon. Once at Sharon I just threw my stirrups on Lightning (the horse I was going to ride) and we headed out. We were going to be going on a 3 hour ride. It was good to ride with Sharon again, especially since we haven't for a while. Abby was along as well. She is a person that boards her horse there at Sharon and I haven't seen her in a while so it was good riding with her as well! Once we got to the place we were riding to, we unsaddled the horses and then hung out with the people we had gone to visit. We ate supper there. Earl Dean (Sharon's husband) came with the truck and trailer to trailer us and the horses home. I didn't get to the barn where my horses are till 9 and then home here till 10. It was a long day, all spent outside, but it was good!! I loved that I was able to spend it with friends and an added benefit was riding and working my horses :)

Tonight I am not doing anything with my horses besides feeding and loving on them a bit. I need to get to bed a bit earlier to catch up on sleep. I was blessed to be able to see the gorgeous sunset this evening (pictured above). Hope you all have a blessed day tomorrow!

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