Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Warmer Weather, Line-Driving Daisy and Getting Stuck

Ah warmer weather!! Today we had nice jacket weather. I asked Cameron (4 yr old I babysit) if he wants to go on a walk today, so we could soak up some sun and warmth. He said he wanted to ride his bike. I said he could and I would push Jackson in the stroller. We went around the block twice. It felt good to be outside and do stuff and not just be in the house! I will agree, winter has its benefits and all, but give me a warm, sunny, day and I will be quite happy. Part of my reason for liking the warmth is, then I don't have to bundle up to be outside. I love being outside in all the seasons, but when its warm I like it best. Ok enough on the warm weather :)

This evening I decided I probably would be ok if I backed down the driveway, and park at the bottom. I thought it might be a bit slushy but not too bad. The driveway at the bottom had quite a bit of snow on it so getting slushy wasn't going to make it really conducive to driving on it. Well wouldn't you know, I got stuck again. I should have asked Anthony how their driveway was but didn't think of it. (For those of you who know, this would be the 5th time this winter. I don't have four wheel drive (at the moment) but anyway. It could reflect a bit on the fact that I don't know how to drive too well in deep snow either..hehe). Such is life. Guess it gives me a good opportunity to be willing to accept help. I was thankful Anthony was there and able to help get me unstuck.

Sharon had come and dropped off some things for my harness. I have a collar instead of a breast strap for my harness now. I prefer the collar over the breast strap, but that is my personal preference. I put the harness on her and then I line-drove her in the driveway. Not for a long time because getting my truck unstuck took a lot longer than anticipated :D I want to hook the cart up to her Friday morning, and then maybe Monday take her for a drive. We shall see how it all goes. I can tell that she remembers all the commands and such for driving so that is helpful! I didn't really get to do more than pet Freedom and love on him a bit but tomorrow evening I am hoping to take more time doing some things! Hope you are having a great week so far, staying warm, and not getting stuck :D

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