Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let The Fun Begin

One thing I can say I am very thankful for this winter, is a sled. And my reason for that being, it is the way I take my hay down to the barn when the driveway is too slippery, snowy, or for any reason that I don't feel ok taking my truck down. You see the driveway at the barn is all downhill going in, which of course means uphill coming out which can be a problem if the driveway is icy or something. So this is how I have been hauling my hay from my truck to the barn.
If I have three bales I put two of them crosswise on the bottom and then the third one the way the bale is laying in the picture :) We have put as many as 6 bales on the sled at a time although that is a bit heavy. The most I usually take to the barn at a time are 3. Just another thing that keeps life interesting this winter!
This evening I went riding with my two cousins, Sarah and Chris. Chris did a good amount of Mischa's training, so he is close to Mischa and wanted to come along for a ride. Since Harley is still at the barn it made it possible. I rode Daisy, Sarah rode Harley, and Christ rode Mischa. I didn't take Freedom along because I am really hoping that the weather will be nice by Saturday that I can drive Freedom. If not drive him, at least work with him a bit. Daisy did really well this evening on the ride with slowing down and speeding up, a lot better than Monday evening. I think if I keep working her twice a week it will help. Also having someone to ride helps the motivation level this winter. This winter has really been the hardest I have ever had deal with as far as pushing myself to ride. I know the biggest reason is because it has been colder than we have had in a while (in the single digits and below with wind chill sometimes) as well as the most snow. Guess I am just really looking forward to spring and starting Freedom under saddle. But I am thankful for now the blessing that having my cousin here, because with having someone to ride with it helps me get a lot more motivated. We both said it is helping us both get motivated to ride which is good. Anyway, as we were putting our horses away and doing chores, it began snowing. I got home and my dad said that the school is closed where my boss works so that means no school tomorrow. So I guess baking whoopee pies is on the list to do tomorrow :) I won't complain about a day off from work but I will be glad to work a full week in the near future. Hope if you are in the way of the storm, you are able to stay warm and dry!! :)

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  1. Yummy whoopie pies!!!
    I know all about hay. It can be SO heavy! But it's worth it to watch horses enjoy it. :))))