Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More Snow On The Way and Some Riding

This picture I took last week when we got 8 or so inches of snow. Well it looks like we have more snow in the forecast for Thursday. Sounds like we might get quite a bit, but I guess we shall see. Anyway, this picture makes me think of this verse:

Be still, and know that I [am] God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. -Psalm 46:10

Well Monday evening, Sarah came up to ride Mischa. I figured that since Freedom hasn't had any work for a bit, it would be good to pony him off of Daisy on our ride. So I groomed both horses and saddled Daisy up with the natural ride. Once both Sarah and I were ready we headed out. We walked for most of our ride but cantered a bit on the way back. Both horses did pretty good, although Daisy decided she didn't have to listen as far as slowing down. We worked thru it and till we stopped cantering, she was listening to me. I was really impressed with how Freedom did though, because he behaved quite well and I don't remember when the last time was that I ponied him.

Today (Tuesday) I didn't work with the horses. I was just getting ready for the snow that is coming Thursday. I took extra hay to the barn and did some other odds and ends to prepare. Tomorrow I should be able to ride, unless things change. There are benefits to this cold and snow such as hopefully not as many bugs come warm weather, but I really am ready for spring and warm weather. I am thankful for water heaters (they got some for three of the outdoor tubs at the barn, no more chipping ice and worrying about the horses not having water), plenty of hay for the horses, a warm house and all the other blessings!! Sounds like I might not be working on Thursday (if it snows) and if not, I will probably be making whoopee pies with my mom and possibly sisters :) I need a bake good for youth retreat next weekend and why not whoopee pies. :)

One thing I was so excited about yesterday was Jackson (the 1 yr old I babysit) took steps. He had been slowly taking steps Friday but yesterday he was walking :) I asked his mom and she said he had started over the weekend. It is fun watching both Jackson and Cameron mature :) Today Cameron and I had fun making heart shaped cookies for Valentine's Day as well as coloring hearts, cutting them out and hanging them on the windows. I really enjoy my job. It really doesn't feel like one. I get to see the boys grow up and change the longer I work there. I just hope that I may continue to be a positive influence in their lives!

Hope you are staying warm with all this cold weather :) Here is a colorful picture that brightens my day. That is one thing I am excited about spring coming, my BRIGHT and CHEERY colors will be back!

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  1. I love that picture of spring!!!!!!! The eight inch snow pic is nice too. I love babysitting. I babysit a very nice family-they have two adorable kids. They really like me and I really like them. I like watching kids grow. I have two younger brothers too. The oldest of them started kindergarten this year.(Mom just stopped them from putting masking tape on the dog LOL!)
    I love playing with horses. Today I hope to go out and ride. But it's really cold!
    Have a wonderful day, and whoopie pies sounds delicious!