Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Driving Daisy, Groundwork, and A Rainy Evening

Yesterday (Tuesday) since I get off from work late, my evening was shorter. I was able to drive Daisy and work with Freedom a bit. Daisy did really well with driving. I decided to take her over the turnpike bridge and then turn her around and come back. I laughed at her because she sped her trot up to go over the bridge both ways, because she really doesn't like the bridge :D Overall though, she did really well with driving.

I had planned to work with Freedom longer but knew I had some important things to do when I got home that were more important than that. I did work him in the meadow a little bit before I fed. I was pleased with how he did. I got him to lay down as well as do a turn on the haunches and forehand (both ways) all without his halter on. He is turning into quite an amazing young horse. Pleased with his progress so far!

Today I didn't work with the horses. We got a lovely afternoon of rain. I know some people don't enjoy the rain but I do. Even if it means feeding in it (I feed everyone at the barn once a week and today was my day to do that). I enjoy hearing the sound of the rain on the roof, feeding the horses inside and knowing they are snug and warm. I listened to my music and took my time feeding everyone. I do think, especially when it is cold out, the most fun of getting all wet, is to come home and change into some warm and dry clothing. Tomorrow if it isn't raining, I want to work with the horses but not sure what I plan to do. Friday evening I do plan to ride Daisy most likely, so I will plan according to that. :) Hope you have a wonderful rest of the evening!

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