Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Working with the Horses

Its been a busy past few days. Thursday evening I didn't work with the horses but Friday evening Sarah came. We discussed vaccinations and some of our feeding schedule for the horses and then Saturday morning we went for a morning ride. I woke up around 7 and we got to the barn around 8:30 or so. It was fun being able to ride for an hour and still having a good part of the day left to do things. In the afternoon, my mom helped me put a fence up to make a corral in the meadow. The idea being to help preserve most of the grass and then give it a chance to grow before the horses really get to be on it much. I need to get a few more posts and then I will be ready to do the dividing fence line going down the middle of the length of the meadow. Freedom of course, played with it because I didn't get a energizer for the fence till today (Tuesday) but we won't set it up till tomorrow.

Sunday and Monday evenings I had other plans. Sunday evening I went to church and Monday evening a group of friends went to sing for someone. Today I didn't have work so I had the chance to work both horses. I saddled Freedom up and put the bit in his mouth. Worked him a bit from the ground on backing up, doing both a turn on the haunches and forehand, and walking forward. I was really impressed with how he did. Friday is exactly a month till he turns two!

I then worked Daisy in the bit from the ground on doing a turn on the haunches and forehand as well. Then after she did so well with that, I hopped on her bareback and worked her on walking off, trotting and then stopping. :) She did amazing. For me what I did was short and sweet but I felt like I really got somewhere with both horses.

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