Saturday, April 5, 2014

Friends, A Pig and A Ride

This week has been quite interesting. Wednesday I spent the evening with a friend. It was quite encouraging talking with her. Then Thursday evening, it rained some. So Rose Mary and I went on a walk and I took Lucy along. We also did some shopping for Rose Mary's goats.

Friday I had planned to work with the horses. I slept in, and then instead of working with the horses, went on an business run with my Dad and Rose Mary (my mom was away for the day and Rachel at school). It was good to spend the mid afternoon with my Dad and sister. When we got home, I went to pick up my hay. Hopefully the last load for this winter. Next load I hope to need to get is my hay for next winter that I ordered. Then in the evening, I got to see Lillian (someone I met through owning horses) and she brought a friend, Lucy, who wanted to ask some questions about horses. So I passed on what little knowledge I could, showed her how Freedom lays down and did some groundwork with Daisy for some demonstrations. But what I loved the most, was how we got to share our personal testimonies with each other. Never met Lillian's friend Lucy before that evening but I walked away quite encouraged. I am so thankful for new friends and the people God brings into our lives!

Today (Saturday) was busy but great fun! I helped my mom with the cleaning this morning and then around 10 we headed to get our pig. (We are raising a pig for meat, pictured below). Once we got the pig, who I named Sir William, all settled in at the barn where my horses are, I came home, ate lunch then headed to Sharon for a ride. I rode with my cousins Sarah and Chris, and Sharon. I really enjoyed my afternoon with them. After riding, Sarah and I came up to the barn here and we drove Daisy first, then came back and harnessed Mischa up and drove him too. That was all we had time for but it was fun just getting to chat and drive our horses. So overall I had a full day but it was great fun! Hope the rest of your weekend is awesome!

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